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FIA WTCC, 2015, Round Russia, “Moscow Raceway”/Photographer Aleksandr B. Seregin /ASppaImages.COM

WTCC reportage on “Moscow Raceway” 2015!

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Lada Sport team WTCC, 2014/Photographer Aleksandr B. Seregin /ASppaImages.COM

Race day Lada Sport Racing Team WTCC 2014

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FIA WTCC, Lada Team, 2014 /Photographer Aleksandr B. Seregin /ASppaImages.COM

Lada Sport Team in WTCC 2014!

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FIA WTCC, Honda Team, 2014/Photographer Aleksandr B. Seregin /ASppaImages.COM

Honda Civic drivers made podium appearances in both FIA World Touring Car Championship races at the Moscow Raceway with Gabriele Tarquini taking second place in Race 1 and Mehdi Bennani finishing third overall in Race 2.


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#6, #8, “Liqui Moly Team Engstler” FIA WTCC, 2014|Aleksandr B. Seregin | ASppaImages.COM

Engstler Motorsport is a German auto racing team based in Wiggensbach, run by driver Franz Engstler. It has competed successfully in the Asian Touring Car Championship and the ADAC Procar Series. It is sponsored by lubricants company Liqui Moly and known officially as Liqui Moly Team Engstler.

BMW 320 TC and BMW 320si (2011–present)[edit]

The team ran the new BMW 320 TC chassis for the 2011 season with team owner Franz Engstler being paired with Kristian Poulsen who returned to the team after a year driving for his own team. Poulsen took the team’s first podium finish in race two of the Race of Italy went he finished third behind Robert Huff and Yvan Muller. Engstler then took his and the team’s first WTCC victory in race two of their home raceFormula D driver Charles Ng joined the team for the Race of Japan where he drove an older BMW 320si. Fabio Fabiani took over the third car for the Race of China having moved across from Proteam Racing while Charles Ng moving toDeTeam KK Motorsport. Fabiani wrapped up the Jay–Ten Trophy for drivers in natural aspirated cars in China while the team secured the independent team’s trophy title. Fabiani was replaced for the Race of Macau by local driver Jo Merszei. Poulsen secured the Yokohama Independent Drivers’ Trophy title.

Team Engstler entered the 2012 World Touring Car Championship season with team owner Engstler as their first driver. Charles Ng was later confirmed in their second car for the full season having joined to the team for the Race of Japan the previous season. Masaki Kano joined the team for the Race of Japan, driving a naturally aspirated BMW 320si. Alex Liu then took over the car for the Race of China. At the season finale in Macau, Merszei raced the team’s third car.

The team returned to the WTCC for the 2013 season, retaining their lineup of Engstler and Ng.

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Press Review FIA WTCC, Russia Round, “Moscow Raceway”, 2014| Photographer Aleksandr B. Seregin | AsppaImages.COM

Чемпионат мира по шоссейно-кольцевым гонкам на легковых автомобилях (англ. World Touring Car Championship (WTCC)) — международный чемпионат среди кузовных автомобилей, проводимый FIA.

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FIA WTCC, Lukoil Lada Sport Team, 2013| Photographer Aleksandr B. Seregin | AsppaImages.COM

Технические характеристики LADA Granta TC1

Тип кузова Седан, с сварным каркасом безопасности
Количество дверей 4
Габаритные размеры
Длина, мм 4479
Ширина, мм 1950
База, мм 2556
Минимальный вес, кг 1100 (включая пилота)



рабочий объём

макс. мощность, л.с. при об/мин

макс. крутящий момент, Нм при об/мин

Диаметр цилиндра, мм

Ход поршня, мм

Степень сжатия

Система управления

Global Engine, LADA



1, 6 л

380 л.с

440 Нм при 3500-4000 об/мин.




Magneti Marelli

КПП Hewland; 6-ступенчатая,  кулачковая, с последовательным переключением передач
Ведущие колеса Передние
Сцепление Углекомпозитное, двухдисковое, фирмы AP Racing
Межколесный дифференциал Дисковый, повышенного трения
Передняя и задняя подвеска типа McPherson, цилиндрические пружины, газонаполненные амортизаторы с регулировкой по 3-м параметрам ф.KW; регулируемый стабилизатор
Рулевое управление с гидроусилителем
Тормозная система
Тормозная система двухконтурная система без усилителя, с регулировкой тормозного усилия перед/зад
Передний тормозной суппорт 4-х поршневой фирмы AP Racing
Передние тормозные диски вентилируемые O 378.5
Задний тормозной суппорт 2-х поршневой фирмы AP Racing
Задние тормозные диски вентилируемые O 280мм
Колеса Литые, из алюминиевого сплава
Размерность 10х18

Александр Серёгин/Alexandr Seregin/ASppa Images

FIA WTCC, Real Car, Real Racing, “Moscow Raceway”, 2013| Photographer Aleksandr B. Seregin | AsppaImages.COM

One of the most intense and exciting leauge in the universe, the World Touring Car Championship.

– WTCC is the third automobile World Championship created by the FIA after Formula One and World Rally Championship

– The championship is reserved for production four-door, two-wheel-drive saloon cars modified for racing and equipped with 1.6 litre turbocharged engine and six-speed sequential gearbox – Fans can easily recognize in the WTCC cars the same models that are on sale in the    dealers’ showrooms, however these racing machines are capable of reaching top    speeds close to 300 kph and surviving door-to-door clashes on the racetrack
– The qualifying session is split in two parts: Q1 for all the drivers, Q2 for the top 12   drivers classified in Q1; in Q2 points are awarded to the first five drivers classified (5,   4, 3, 2, 1)
– The WTCC format provides two races per event (each of a distance between 50 and   60 km) and awarding points to the first ten drivers classified (25, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6,   4, 2, 1); the first race has a rolling start, the second race has a standing start
– The grid for Race 1 is based on qualifying results, with the top twelve positions   awarded according to the results of Q2, and the remaining positions according to   the results of Q1. On the grid for Race 2, positions from 11th downwards remain the   same, while the first ten positions are reversed.
– The 2013 WTCC will be run on twelve events in four continents
Monza, Italy
Marrakech, Morocco
Slovakia Ring, Slovakia
Hungaroring, Hungary
Salzburg Ring, Austria
Moscow Raceway, Russia
Porto, Portugal
Termas de Río Hondo, Argentina
Sonoma, USA
Suzuka, Japan
Shanghai, China
The Guia Circuit, Macau- Two FIA World Champion titles are awarded, for Drivers and Manufacturers
Drivers like: Yvan Muller, Andy Priaulx, Augusto Farfus, Gabriele Tarquini, Norbert Michelisz, Tiago Monteiro, Rob Huff, Tom Coronel, Marc Basseng, René Münnich, Alain Menü, Stefano D’Aste, James Nash,  Alex MacDowall, Pepe Oriola, etc. (next year Sebastien Loeb joins in)  Manufacturers like: Chevrolet, BMW, Seat, Honda, Lada (next year, Citroen joins with a works team)
– Yokohama, WTCC tyre supplier, awards a euro 480,000 prize money to competitors of the Yokohama Drivers’ Trophy
– The WTCC was revived in 2005 in the current format and is promoted by Eurosport Events’ under an agreement that will last until the end of 2017
– All races are filmed and produced LIVE by Eurosport Events in HD